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Tired of your own b*llshit and need a spiritual kick in the ass?

Esoteric Empowerment is life coaching meets mystical modalities to get you the kick-in-the-ass to get to the next chapter as the main character of your story.

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You'd like to move forward, but you feel stuck...

I get it – you’re mega-talented, mega-skilled, and you’ve got something awesome within you to share with the world. 

So why do the same b*llshit thoughts and patterns keep dragging you down!?

You think that you SHOULD be smarter than this, and that you should have it all figured out.

Especially at *insert your age here 😛

Okay, glance around - does this sound like you?

You know you’re BRILLIANT, and you’re mega-watt talented – but GAHHHH why can’t you just DO THE FREAKING THING (whatever *it* is…) already? 

Well… there’s probably a reason for that…

You have a unique slice of reality based on your brain and your astrological make-up, so popular advice can only take you so far!

Why being uniquely you is SO freaking cool

You’re the ONLY you there will ever be, and you’ve got all sorts of spiritual “breadcrumbs” all around you that you’ve probably never noticed, guiding you down your path towards your epic future. 

And you’re the ONLY one to get your set of “spiritual breadcrumbs” – EVER.

You’re the only one that has the “spiritual breadcrumbs” of your astrology natal chart (and pinball pattern!), your human design chart, your name, your numerology – all of it!  

That “vibe” you’ve been feeling of something you gotta do – it’s all mirrored in these breadcrumbs.

Okay, but why am I stuck?

Well – that’s what I want to help you with!

Think of working with me like doing esoteric detective work to get to the root of where and WHY you’re stuck (and it might NOT just be “you’re just not trying hard enough.)

I love self-development tools, and it’s AMAZING to deep dive with just one – but most of the time it’s like being given just the one tool to deep with – and while maybe it’s a GREAT unitasker…

It’s like using a melon baller for scooping ice cream. Technically it’ll get the job done, but not as EFFICIENTLY as using the RIGHT tool for the RIGHT job. 

You don’t know what you don’t know, and with your unique astrological imprint, “the best tool for everyone else” might not be the best tool for YOU.

We’ll use some basic tools and new tools in unique ways to help reframe your problems, while looking at your natural astrological cycles and rhythms.

If you’re stuck because you and your brain are in your own way – great! I’ll help you reframe, recontextualize, and move forward to the next step.

If you’re stuck because you’re in the middle of a particular energetic pattern – fantastic! Let’s help you learn how to USE that pattern to your advantage instead of spinning your wheels.

Chances are – it’s a little of EACH, and having someone expertly navigate you through the ins and outs of your unique energetic situation, to sift through “what’s going on in my life patterns” and “what’s going on in my thought patterns” will help you EFFICIENTLY cut through the BS of ALL the “potential” reasons, and get to the CORE of what’s going on with YOU

"She opened the door to new paths I didn't realize were available."

I came to Cherry in a desperate time of need, when I had hit my moment. And in that moment, it sort of saved me, because she gave me empowering context of the situation.

Cherry gave me objectivity with the areas I didn’t see – and that’s where her strength is – in empowering clients to look at things objectively, and push them to see themselves in a more robust way.

She opened the door to new paths I didn’t realize were available.

Rain F.



Esoteric Empowerment

Esoteric Empowerment is about finding the quickest, most efficient way to help you get unstuck and move forward into the next chapter of your life. 

When we work together we’ll skip past all the trial and error and focus on two things during our time together:

  1. Your life’s natural energetic patterns and flows of energy – we’ll use your birthdate and birth time to generate the information needed to see WHERE you’re at in your current cycles and how to best use the energy, AND…
  2. Your life’s biggest bottlenecks are the places that you’re stuck – we’ll use cartomancy to figure out the ones that are MOST in your current way

Meet your guide...


Hi, I’m Cherry! I spent many years hating myself (trust me, I know how much THAT can fucking suck) and while I always had a “vague” direction of where I wanted to go, I spent many years doing the slow method of self-reflection, journal prompts, and many many tarot readings, figuring out what my bigger “thing” in life I was meant to do and learning how to completely and absolutely love the ever-loving fuck outta myself. 

Imagine my surprise when, after years of “figuring it out” through trial and error, I started to get REALLY into astrology and there was a mirror of my life: my triumphs and traumas, goals and skills – all sorts of fascinating bits that could have told me YEARS ago “wtf I was supposed to do with my life” and “how to get past my own BS in my own unique way.”

Toss in some human design (I’m a projector, btw, so I’m especially gifted at guiding other’s energy for their best and highest use),  70+ tarot and oracle decks, and a lifetime of “weird witch shit” (plus a smattering of “I’m like 3rd generation of a family of people into self-development like it’s goin’ out of style”) and blam!

You’ve got me with my delightfully weird but super deep insights that somehow peer to the core of your soul and your being even if we’ve never met before (From what I know of human design, this is the gift of being a projector.)

Look – I’ve been where you’re at, and I want to save you about 5+ years of self-development research and just get to the GOOD bits of “wtf are you doing with your life”, “why tf am I so blocked in this area of life” and “what can I do to get UNSTUCK and actually move INTO the next chapter of my life” – cause you deserve to live your best, most thriving, most beautiful life.

"Book a session! You'll be grateful you did!"

I got called out by Cherry’s cards and it led to a HUGE breakthrough! 

Cherry recently did a session with me, and her intuitive gifts combined with her straightforward method of sharing guidance and “telling it like it is” was exactly what I needed to remove a massive block keeping me from love and my dream career. (Yes, both!)

I received very honest guidance about what to clear and how to do so. Cherry also has a way of making you feel empowered that you have all the magick you need to manifest what you want in life.

Book a reading! You will be grateful you did!

Kris Nedopak